“It was a whopping success!”

Jan Buttram, Artistic Director
Abingdon Theatre Company, NY



Emily Dickinson takes us on a delirious romp through her life and times. Wit, Wonder & Wisdom are the order of the day!  The audience finds itself in the midst of life-changing events and relationships as Emily defies the conventions of her time – and creates poetry for the ages.  At times Emily steps out of the play, calls out for ideas from the audience, weaves them into the fabric of the piece – and now, the possibilities are limitless!


“It was a whopping success!”
Jan Buttram, Artistic Director, Abingdon Theatre Company, NY

“The dazzling program allowed autobiography to slide into verse and was such a moving event.  Ms. Grace was delightful, sensitive, and full of joy.  I have never enjoyed a dramatic presentation more.”
The East Haven Courier, East Haven, CT

“Actress Ginger Grace channels Emily Dickinson!”
The Hour, Norwalk, CT


“Amusing, Touching, Informative & Utterly Delightful!”

“Exhilaration is Ginger Grace. This is the way to encounter Emily Dickinson through her words – and the heartfelt expression of them in this performance.”

“Animated – informal and personal – You made me love Emily Dickinson”

CURRENTLY BOOKING at:  Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Universities & Schools.
SET REQUIREMENTS: 2 Wooden Writing Tables, 5 Wooden Chairs, 1 Easel & Easel Pad, 4 Potted Plants 4’ high or taller, 1 Candelabra
AGE RANGE: 5th Grade & Up
RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes