“Actress Ginger Grace
channels Emily Dickinson!”
The Hour, Norwalk, CT


This inspiring biographical portrait is based on the letters, life stories and poems of Emily Dickinson.  It combines performance with interactive workshop activities.

In the course of the show, Ms. Grace reaches out to the audience for ideas, words and phrases, and with their input, new poems are created. The spirit of Emily Dickinson is celebrated not only with her story — filled with heart and humor — but with the immediate creativity taking place in the room!


“Actress Ginger Grace channels Emily Dickinson!”
The Hour, Norwalk, CT

“You had the audience completely in the palm of your hand — enthralled, fascinated, and spellbound.”
Anita Barney, Library Director, Brookfield Public Library

“Thank you for bringing your passion and awesome talent to Oliver Wolcott Library! The response to your performance was overwhelming. Everyone absolutely loved it! I also want to share with you that Jackie, (OWL library assistant), reported two patrons who immediately went into the stacks to borrow Emily Dickinson books. And, best of all, Jackie told me that even though she says she “doesn’t like the classics”, that you have inspired her to also want to read some Emily Dickinson!”
Ann Marie White, Library Director, Oliver Wolcott Library, CT


“Absolutely captivating! I believed I was in the room personally with Emily!”

“Ginger Grace gave me the courage to read and write things I’ve never attempted before.”

“A multilevel education experience with Fireworks going off from beginning till the end.”

SET REQUIREMENTS: 2 tables, 5 folding chairs, 1 Easel & Easel Pad
AGE RANGE: 6th Grade & Up
RUNNING TIME: 70 – 90 minutes